The Great Model Railway Challenge - Series II.

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The Great Model Railway Challenge - Series II.

Post by ChiefPenguin » Sun Oct 06, 2019 10:59 am

I still don't really know what to think about it - on the one hand the programme makers tell us that "model railways should be fun" & then the participants get pulled up on things like bigger than usual rail joints. Really ? - 3 days is nowhere near enough time & all credit to those that do take part in what they manage to achieve even if some of the layouts are a little too complex. To me, they would be better off adopting the "Hornby Factory Demo" principle - just loops & no points.

The fun aspect to me was summed up by the ladies with their crochet trees.

Scoring should also be awarded on enthusiasm, especially with newcomers to the hobby. As for the judges, well there are plenty of examples of Kathy's excellent work on the www but try as I may I can't find much at all on Steve apart from some writings & editorial. The two presenters I find irksome & the only presenters I think would be worse are Ant & Dec or the one with the beard from Redbull Soapbox.

& finally, I would like to find that pianist (or whoever though the background "music" would be a good idea) and shoot them.

(I'll still watch the programme though).

Rant over & back to working on BelmontBahn.
Brian Considine

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